Games for Friends and LDR

Long distance relationships are hard. Not only can’t you fulfill your partner physical needs but then they is the constant worrying and self-doubt involved especially if one of your suffers from anxiety. Not being in control is a burden to some or at least the illusion of control. Plus when something bad happens which in inevitable you are unable to help in the way you may want to.

Online game

Actually, LD Relationships are not the topic of this post that was just a bit of a rant. I want to discuss an app which I stumbled upon to not only help couples find out more about each other but can also be played with friends or even be used as an icebreaker for new friends. Even though I can class the app as LDR games, it can be used and played by anyone. Even generally as a time waster or learning tool you can use the random 2 truth, 1 lies mode. Also, friends have the ability to create profiles and you can play against that information even when they are offline. So check out Truths and Lie and play online. “Truths and Lie” is very addicting!